Chefchaouen 2019

Chefchaouen, 50 shades of blue

There are wonderful villages. High-perched villages that are resplendent under the sun.

Chaouen is one of them.

This blue pearl nestles in northwest Morocco, against the backdrop of the mountainous peaks of the Rif, while below, as if to perfect the picture, the Laou wadi brings just the right amount of greenery to its banks.
It is famous for the stunning buildings of different shades of faded blue in its old town. Leather goods and weaving workshops flank its steep paved alleys. In the shaded central square of Outa el Hammam is the red-walled kasbah, a 15th century fortress and dungeon with ethnographic and artistic exhibitions. The octagonal minaret of the Great Mosque rises not far from there…

A treat for my brushes.

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