Dance and music 2013 – 2014

Work in 2013-2014 on folk dance and music

“First and foremost, these are meetings. A body, hers, and then that of the others.
The bodies of the young, aged, old or ageless, which combine and move as they never have nor ever will again elsewhere…
Music turns to flesh, rhythm becomes breath.
Skin brushes up against skin, sweat and smells mingle, hips and fingers grip each other and clutch one another, faces look at each other and brighten up, bodies come closer, move away, and draw in the air the pulse of a real humanity instead of a virtual one.

The intimacy of couple dancing

6 postcards about danse

10,5 x 15 cm – 1 euro each – 4 euros for a set of 6 cards + shipping fees of 2 euros per shipment.
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carte danse

Irish session

Posters and covers