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Portraits from around the world, travel looks, faraway smiles…

“An illustration, it’s a bit like a drawing but with a name, which makes it sound more professional.
For example, in the margins of your schoolbooks, you draw pictures, not illustrations.
However, when you draw pictures to put in a book, they are called illustrations,
it’s the same thing, but it’s as if you had spent more time on it.

When you’re young, you’re told “Waow, you’re amazing at drawing!”
And once you’ve turned it into a job, you’re told “Waow… your illustrations are neat”…

In short, an illustration is like a drawing, but you sign it instead of forgetting it,
you sell it instead of giving it away and it gets framed instead of pinned down…
It’s a serious drawing, the drawing of an adult…

Did everyone get it, no one needs me to draw you a picture?!”

Travel diary Vietnam by bicycle – 2019

Chefchaouen, 50 shades of blue – 2019

Travel diary Mauritania – 2018


mauritanie mauritanie1 mauritanie2 aquarelle2 nomade7 aquarelle3

Travel diary in Morocco – 2018



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Six months of homelessness in India


Femme Rajasthani portant des cruches (Inde-2014)

Rajasthani woman carrying jugs (India 2014)

Deux hommes en lungis traditionnel

Two men in traditional lungis

bombay, 22 millions d'habitants

Bombay, 22 million inhabitants


Elephants in Jaipur


 On the banks of Varanasi

Portrait d'un sage intellectuel Hindou – Inde 2014
Portrait of a Hindu intellectuel sage – India 2014 
Hindu woman's face – Inde 2014
Hindu woman’s face – Inde 2014