Original location: Earth, solar system, milky way, somewhere in space
Class:Hobbit with a thing for exploration
Alignment: Subversive
Speed: Constant, with impressive productivity peaks
Special Defense: Don’t-care-about-it-ism
Special Attack: Disconcerting irony
Quote: “Live can be divided into two parts. The one where you waste time, and the one where you’re catching up on it.”

First, the “Miniature”.

As I fell into the paint-filled cauldron of obsessive miniature-philia, I’ve pretty much turned my favorite obsession into my job. So I dropped out of the studies to mess around with my little guys all day long, neglectfully installed myself in my workshop, a paintbrush in my mouth and my pants all stained with paint. 20 years later, my parents have proven their consistency through their resignation

Then the travels.

Some people prefer to wear the camera as a shoulder strap, I prefer to pull pencils and brushes when I ride my bike. After a two-year journey through 22 countries by the strength of my calves on the African continent, I rode again on the saddle of my bike for 6 months towards a dazzling India.
This is followed by other journeys on foot with Mauritanian nomads or inhabitants of the Mekong Delta.
Snapshots of life immortalized on the spot on watercolor paper.
I try to make my notebooks smell of sea shores, souks and old alleyways. It is a confidant to whom I reveal my emotions, my encounters, the emptiness, the dust, the smells…
An approach focused on self-analysis as much as on sharing with others.


The sketchbook is an excellent way to take the pulse of a country.
It’s a real skeleton key to enter the heart of people.
Each drawing takes so long that you end up taking close care to what you’ll be telling:
Your emotions, your discoveries, your fears, your doubts.
And a lot of love, as you have to love what you draw.
Drawing is taking a bite out of life, it’s keeping your eyes wide open on the world around you
To feel, and try to understand…

Danse and music at last.

These are meetings at first. A body, hers, and then that of the others.
Bodies of the young, aged, old, or ageless, which combine and move as they never have or never will again elsewhere…
Music turns to flesh, rhythm becomes breath.
Skin brushes up against skin, sweat and smells mingle, hips and fingers grip each other and clutch one another, faces look at each other and brighten up, bodies come closer, move away, and draw in the air the pulse of a real humanity instead of a virtual one.


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