So here we go, I now have a glob… a bolbgb… a blogel… Basically, I have a website. To put stuff on it because my house is a complete mess. Here, at least, it's organized and easier to explain to my mom what I am doing in life. Don't stay too long though, it would be better to go outside and skip around in the breezy fields than to mess up your eyez on a dead machine. - it's "eyes". - Nah, don't care about spelling anymore. I claim this spassse as a rulez-free territory where I can eats with my feets if I so wish.

Most recent stuff added to the website:

Hi everybody !
Thanks Fred, Arno and Phil for all the updates of this website !
Here they are:
– A buffalo bust in the « figure section » http://jeremiebt.com/en/miniatures/best-of/
– Postcards about dance http://jeremiebt.com/en/illustrations-en/dance-and-music-2013-2014/
– Postcards and reproductions about India http://jeremiebt.com/en/india-by-bike/
– More about africa http://jeremiebt.com/en/africa-on-bikes-2010-2012/
– A nice vidéo from our band “Bal Barbare” http://jeremiebt.com/en/music/bal-barbare/
– And to finish, some vidéos from jam sessions since 10 years Jam Session | Jérémie Bonamant Téboul



You know what ? The teaser is online !!!
Vidéo with subtitles available here : Youtube



– Here it is! Almost done!
– What are you talking about?
– About our India journey diary, obviously!
To make our trip last in your library, when we came back we self-produced our diary, with a movie!
Click here to learn more and to order.
Sit comfortably, you’ll ride on our carrier…

Nathalie et Jérémie